Tuesday, August 30, 2011

GPK: 1988

This Friday is the grand opening of Gallery 1988's Garbage Pail Kids Tribute show.
I am really excited and honored to be in this show as it also features many of my favorite artists-- Alex Pardee, Johnny Bergeron, Dave MacDowell, Munk One, and Travis Louie-- and that's just naming a few, there are 100 artists participating!

The two paintings I have in the show are different from work I have done in the past, and this was partially due to the strange circumstances I completed them under.  I began preliminary sketches and the initial pencil drawings for both pieces while still living under my parents roof in Vermont, but not long after I started, I had to pack up all my stuff in boxes to move to California for a new job.  I made sure to take the partially-underway pieces with me in my suitcase along with all my microns and my watercolor set.  I set up a makeshift studio in the spare room I was staying in upon my arrival in CA and finished both pieces just in time for the submission deadline.  Luckily, my new home is only an hour south of Los Angeles, and I was able to drop off my work in person.  This also means that I will be in attendance at the opening which I am quite stoked on.

Check out my pieces for the show as well as some pictures of my process below.  (Click to enlarge images). Hope to see you there this Friday!

My epic studio set-up

Burnin' the midnight oil

Finished pencil drawings

All inked up and ready for color

First layer color wash

 "Roy Bot"
GPK original series 3, card number 87b
Micron, watercolor, pencil on Arches
12 x 16"
 "Fake Jake"
GPK original series 14, card number 572a
Micron, watercolor, pencil on Arches
12 x 16"

Both pieces for sale during exhibition, contact Gallery 1988 for details.


  1. i like the transparency and the smoke in the roy bot!
    how's your new job?

  2. i love it!! hows everything with you ivy?

  3. Love the paint job on the wooden Fake Jake=Your pieces ROCK dude! and it looks like you escaped Vermont just in time:)

  4. Thanks so much dude! Your piece looks fabulous as well!-- I did indeed, although I dont think northern VT took nearly as bad of a beating as southern VT..